Sunday, 22 January 2012

A pictures says a thousand words .....

Photographer Dani Devaux took some time out of her busy schedule to come down to the marina to view our boat Good Expectation. Dani is a photographer on the island and she always manages to get that picture that captures the moment so well, so we figured she was the right person for the job.

Getting some ideas Dani.....

We had a little but very important problem .... We had no engine ..... yet! So we had to be towed out to get some pictures out on the water. With the help of the IGY crew we managed to get a dingy to tow us out 

We also had some friends on board to set the social scene.....

Soriah who could not help but pick up the guitar and have a sing

"Are you going Scarborough fair la la"

Charles looking damn fine in his Jus'Sail t-shirt

 Charles and James

Herbert our First Mate with his pal from Canada Chuck

Picture taken by Dani

And of course the Captain James

Chuck was getting so excited about being out on the water he actually thought he was sailing .... No Chuck your still being towed.....

James and Herbert finding a spot to anchor .....
This photo taken by Dani

Charles being a sea fairing man had to also check to make sure everything was in place

Yep no sea birds

Yep everything nice and secure .....

Here is a sneak preview of some pictures Dani took on the day there will be more to view in the coming weeks on the Jus'Sail website 

Jus'Sail will be offering only the very best in local food and drink .....

Snacks anyone

As I mentioned before these pictures are just a taster of what Dani took on the day and boy did she work hard so she figured it was time to take a well earned break .....

It was a fun filled day had by all

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Happy days!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Wow wee what a week .... Good Expectation finally in the water!

What a busy and eventful week I have had and the reason for this is because James and I have finally got Our boat Good Expectation out of the spray tent and into the water.....

After 5 weeks of painting

 And more painting
And more painting

We finally moved her out into the bright St Lucian sunshine!

Carried her

Into the water

This picture was taken last year in Antigua when I first saw her sitting pretty in the water with the Galleon beach behind her

But boy does she look different now and I look forward to posting another picture in a similar setting soon!

Our first First Mate Herbert kept painting right up until the last minute

We had friends who have been a great support and who we would like to thank for turning up .....

Adam IGY marina and boat yard manager

 Soriah & James (& baby Lara)

Christina, Charles, Anya, Ian and last but not least Jo ... thanks for bringing your camera along


And another big Hooray from us
So what is Good Expectation all about? Ok here it is in 6 words


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