Thursday, 13 October 2011

5 Dollar Sounds rock the Beach.....

Hi folks just want to let you into a little secret that happens every full moon on the Cas en Bas beach, St Lucia. With the breeze blowing off the sea to cool you and the moon shining in the sky to light your way to the sandy dance floor it makes for a special event not to miss.

You get to hear some banging house tunes from the turn tables of Derek and Ian plus guest DJ's ....



The man at the back can't believe his ears it sound so good!

The people you meet dancing in the sand....

The Gorgeous Ladies

The Pretty Boys

The Lovely Ladies 

The Happy people Happy faces

Dancing Crazy

Strike a pose

So don't forget when you are in this neck of the woods look up 5 dollar sounds on Facebook for their up and coming events.

See you on the Sandy dance floor!

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