Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Looshan Lunch Club heads south to Hotel Chocolat and a few stops on the way home ...

You may have seen the wonderful Hotel Chocolat stores on your high streets if you live in the UK. I was lucky to have a store 5 minutes away from where I lived in Norwich. So as you can imagine I would make frequent visits to try the wonderful delights of Hotel Chocolat, especially the chocolate made with the cocao from St Lucia! Have a look at the Hotel Chocolat website it will give you information on whats on offer at Hotel Chocolat and some history on the Robot estate plantation -

The Looshan Lunch Club sit down to eat at the Boucan Restaurant, Hotel Chocolat, St Lucia

There was so much to choose from we didn't know where to start .... Drinks first!
There's so much choice on the lunch menu and everything has a hint of chocolate.
Salt, Pepper and Cacao nibs

I had the 
The Rabot Estate Garden Salad (v) 
local organic green leaves with seasoning, herbs from our own 
garden, cacao pesto, roasted nuts, and cacao nibs croutons. 
It was a fresh tasty herby salad but what made it unusual was the cocao nips, it gave the salad a real bitter sweet kick ...

My main course how pretty is this!
Handmade pasta pockets filled with ricotta cheese, mushrooms, 
spinach and spiced with local chilli and Rabot Estate cacao nibs. 
Tomato and fresh herbs sauce.

Here's what Yolanda and Malcolm had for starters ...

The Boucanier Tuna Salad 
Local green leaves and herbs with pan fried tuna and 
cacao pesto, potato, eggs, gruyere, hazelnut ganache. 
Yolanda and Malcolm's main course ...

-Local Inspired Chicken ì Rotiî 
Homemade cacao wrap filled with cacao nib infused chicken, served 
with curried sweet potato, pilau cacao rice, yoghurt raita, green leaves 
and plantain chips. 
Malcolm is hard to please when it come to food he is the critics critique but he absolutely loved it he will be back!

When you eat Chocolate it apparently releases the same chemical the brain produces when you fall in love.... More desert anyone ...

Lorna Francis Commercial Development Manager gave us a tour of the place ....
A view of one of the famous Piton from the Boucan Restaurant...

Looking down from the restaurant at one of the pool areas
Boucan Restaurant 

Pod pool area
Have a look on the website for some wonderful pictures of the accommodation.The rooms are refered to as 'Pods'

Check out Jus'Sail Facebook page for more pictures from our time at Hotel Chocolat

After our wonderful lunch at Boucan and our short tour of Hotel Chocolat ...

We went off for a swim at Jalousie one of my favourite places to hang out .....
 The boys decided to have a conference on the beach about where to visit next ...

We have decided to go off the beaten track next ... Rum shops, local restaurants, Looshan lunch at home and a hike up the Piton with a fab picnic hoorah!
The Beach ... Gorgeous

Damon has one last dip in the sea but I am sure we will be back to sample Jalousie lunch menu at some point .....
What an amazing day had by all but we are not quite done yet ....

Ledera for a night cap anyone
We missed the sunset between the Pitons but we got a moody beautiful sky ....

Another place to visit for a Looshan Lunch Date Dasheen Restaurant at Ledera but for now a night cap...

Chairman with Coconut water, until next time cheers!


  1. Wow, isn't that a day out! What about the cocoa & balsamic vinegar dip at Hotel Chocolat. Such a happy place to be... the Pitons, wonderful food & good company. It looks like you had a super time!

  2. Yes, the dip was yummy and the cocoa butter. It seems to me you know the place well? I think we will make another trip maybe you could join us?

    Cheers to Chocolate!