Monday, 21 November 2011

A short but sweet trip to Antigua to see work happening on Good Expectation .....

Before coming back to the UK I took a trip to Antigua to see James and find out how the work on Good Expectation was coming along. I also picked up some sample T-shirts with the Jus'Sail logo!

James and I thinks it looks pretty good. It's a bit of a dream come true for us seeing the logo. For ages we have thought about a logo with a stamp effect which captures a Caribbean feel and we think Jo from Scribble  has captures our idea really well.

We stayed at the Sugar Ridge Hotel which had great views of Jolly Harbour

View from the affinity pool at the Suger Ridge Carmichael roof bar

James and his team have been working twenty for seven to get Good Expectation back to its former glory and back to St Lucia. Good Expectation is a Carriacou Sloop and these boats where used to take produce from island to island carrying things like Nutmeg or Fruit and later went onto be used as fishing boats. So we do feel we are carrying on a Caribbean tradition, culture and heritage.

James on Good Expectation giving her some tender loving care .....

This is a picture taken the first time I met Good Expectation .....

And i'm looking forward to posting some more pictures of Good Expectation all polished and new so watched this space. You can also have a look at the Jus'Sail blog where James will give you some more in-depth info on the works going on Good Expectation.

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