Sunday, 22 April 2012

Climb to the top of Pigeon Island ....

Every day I look out my window and I see Pigeon Island and last month James and I finally took ourselves out for a climb up to the top after a friend was surprised to learn we had not done it yet so off
we went ....

When we got to the fort on the island we came across these girls. They were laughing and having so much fun you would never think they were working out ... You go girls!

This is the Jambe De Bois bar on Pigeon Island. It's a lovely place. It's rustic, serves nice food and also hosts Jazz nights .....

There are two beaches on the island and a jetty which allows water taxi's to drop you off for the day 

Click here to learn about the history of Pigeon Island the British used it as a fort and look out post and put up a good fight against the French back in day..... It's a great place to visit when your in St Lucia and it hosts the yearly Jazz festival which happens every year in May.

Next stop a hike up the Piton's.

Happy Days!

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